The Conviction Project will conclude with a book of articles entitled Bias, Belief and Conviction in an Age of Fake Facts. Co-edited by Anke Finger and Manuela Wagner it is going to be published by Routledge.

Contributors include participants from the Conviction Workshop and invited scholars adding to the conversation (in alphabetical order): Michael Byram, Christiane Heibach, Adrian Herrmann, Michael P. Lynch, Dana Miranda, Deborah Mower, Matthew Pianalto, John Sarrouf, and Jen Cole Wright.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Linda J. Skitka

  1. Anke Finger and Manuela Wagner: “Introduction”
  2. Michael P. Lynch: “Conviction and Identity”
  3. Anke Finger: “Manifestos and the Cultures of Conviction”
  4. Christiane Heibach: “Convincing Atmospheres? The Influence of Diffuse Factors on Conviction Building”
  5. Matthew Pianalto: “Conviction, Contemplation, and Making a Difference” 
  6. Adrian Herrmann: TBD
  7. Dana Miranda: “Dread Aesthetics and Convictions”
  8. Jen Cole Wright: “The Psychology of Moral Conviction”
  9. Deborah Mower: “Moderating Conviction Through Civility in Education”
  10. Manuela Wagner and Michael Byram: “Conviction and Intercultural Citizenship”
  11. John Sarrouf: “Designing Spaces for Conviction”
  12. Conclusion

For a general overview, please consult the summary from the “Humility and Conviction in Public Life” Capstone Workshop, presented April 5, 2019.