Conversation with William “Bro” Adams

William “Bro” Adams’ path has taken him from combat soldier to professor and then president of Bucknell University and Colby College. Most recently, he served as the 10th Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities where, as Mellon Foundation president Earl Lewis put it, “he steadfastly defended the importance of the arts and humanities to the wellbeing of a vibrant, literate democracy.” We caught up with Bro at the Mellon foundation where he is a senior fellow, and where he shared his views on conviction as a core element of being human… (Recorded February 15, 2018).

Conversation with Anne-Katrin Gramberg

Anne-Katrin Gramberg comes from a small island in the North Sea, Norderney, and has lived in Alabama since the early 1990s. A stalwart women’s leadership and women’s rights advocate, she has served Auburn University in many positions, most visibly as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and now as Senior Counsel to the President. Active in the business community as well as in academia, she shares with us her story of living between cultures in more than one way and how convictions may or may not help us change even small pockets of society… (Recorded March 17, 2018)

Conversation with Michael Byram

Michael Byram started out the son of a tailor and a first-generation university student who taught French and German in High School and adult education. In 1980 he became a university professor and is now among a select few who designed the Council of Europe’s “Reference Framework of Competences for a Democratic Culture.” As the stability of democracies in the Western world has come under scrutiny, this expert of and advocate for intercultural communicative competence strongly believes in the necessity to teach intercultural citizenship at every level of education. Michael Byram shares with us how he arrived at a point in his career that has politicized his convictions such that they now effect policy in the European Union… (Recorded October 6, 2018)